The Fall (3D mapping installation), 2017 - Michel Comte from Light series

The Fall

HD video projection, 3D mapping, 4 channel audio 6:13 minutes, looped
This installation was a 3D mapping of the Monaco Mall, an ice mass in Spitsbergen, Norway, serving as a poignant symbol of global warming. It was a challenge to adapt this concept to fit seamlessly with the museum's architecture, but the result is a powerful fusion of art and design that captivates viewers and sparks important conversations about our environment.

I believe in the transformative power of art, especially when presented in unconventional contexts. Take, for example, Monet's Water Lilies displayed in Naoshima alongside the architectural wonders of Tadao Ando. It's these unexpected pairings that breathe new life into timeless masterpieces and offer fresh perspectives to audiences.

In my exhibitions, there's often a profound silence that envelops the space. It's a testament to the overwhelming presence of my artworks, which speak volumes without uttering a word. However, I also worry about the commercialization of climate change exhibitions. While it's crucial to raise awareness, it's equally important to tread lightly on our planet and promote sustainable ways of experiencing its wonders.

Ultimately, I envision museums of the future embracing technology and experimentation to enhance the viewer's experience. By marrying art with architecture and advocating for the protection of our environment, we can create meaningful connections that resonate long after the exhibition ends.