Vienna I, 2012, 2016 - Michel Comte from Neoclassic series

Vienna I, 2012

355 x 252 cm
Pigment print on canvas

From early Olympia to the 20th century, neoclassicism has survived. Empires were built and crumbled. The style remains even today in fashion and design. With this exhibition I want to combine the essence of my vision representing neoclassicism. By creating sculptures with light and objects that connect us to the history of neoclassic art. From early Rome to fascism, empires and images mostly have been destroyed. The remaining fragments and ideology should re- mind us that each one of them was seeking perfection. Albert Speer’s Olympia stadium in Berlin hosted the most spectacular games. Dedicated to neoclassic perfection. The global neoclassic dream shortly after crumbled.
The variation and artworks and light sculptures especially created for this exhibi- tion are my personal analysis of the neoclassic style and time. The beauty of the surviving pieces remind me of the Pantheon and the Greek acropolis. Resting in perfect harmony. The essence of the coronation displaces power, control and the division of church and state. The beauty remains.